Record Rack® Breeder 16-8 Pellet (50 Lbs)

Record Rack

Record Rack® Breeder premium deer feed is designed as a complete feed for optimum performance in situations where natural forbs and browse are either absent or in limited supply. Each formula comes with optimum levels of protein and energy for deer in restricted habitats. Record Rack® Breeder Pellets was formulated leveraging our ruminant nutrition expertiese and provides maximum mineral absorption. It is made with Optimum Performance TechnologyTM for the optimum blend of carefully selected ingredients and the right nutrient values for record performance in deer.    

This feed is designed to be fed to breeding deer and elk.     

  • Balanced protein and amino acids to promote healthy growth and antler development.
  • Vitamins and minerals necessary to help support a healthy bodyweight, healthy breeding season and antler growth    
  • Optimized energy levels from fat and carbohydrate sources to support antler production and lactation in does   
  • Balanced fiber level to promote healthy digestion and rumen health
  • Pre-, pro-, and postbiotics to support a healthy digestive tract and nutrient absorption    
  • High energy complete ration so no need to top-dress or feed other additives    
  • Our exclusive wild berry recipe to attract them in and help ensure consumption

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